There are some Hardware and Software requirements that You need to have in place in order for Us to meet Our Service obligations.

We will update this list from time to time as certain technologies age and other technologies are released and tested by us.

If You do not have all of these Minimum Standards in place before Your Agreement start date We will work with you on a plan to bring your Network up to our Minimum Standards.

We understand that this may take some time depending on timing and budgets so we will do our best to support any items that do not currently meet Our Minimum Standards.

However, if an item requiring support does not meet our Minimum Standards, it will be at our sole discretion whether we charge You for any time incurred for supporting that Item. We may also, at Our sole discretion decline to support the item entirely.

Hardware Requirements:


Less than 5 years old
Running a supported operating system with proper licensing
Covered by manufacturer or third-party warranty

Desktops and Laptops

HP Elite, Pro, or Z series
Dell Optiplex, Vostro, or Precision
Lenovo Think or Carbon lines
Other (If recommended and provided by Buckeye IT)
Solid-state primary drive
Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent
Less than 3 years old
OR less than 5 years old and covered by manufacturer or third-party warranty
Windows 10 Professional or higher with proper licensing
Good physical condition


Fortinet Firewall w/Active Subscription (Buckeye IT will provide Fortinet in all cases there is not an active Fortinet with subscription already present)
Cisco, Cisco-Meraki or UniFi – Enterprise-grade switches, and access points
Modern, functional wiring, Cat5e or better
Network room or area with sufficient space to work and cooling


Supported versions of all installed software
All software must be appropriately licensed
Line of Business applications must be covered by active support agreement with development company

Approved Software List:

This list shows all of the Approved software that can be installed on any of the Computers or Devices covered by this Agreement.

This doesn’t mean that all other software can’t be installed – it simply means that if other software is installed, then it’s up to our sole discretion whether we cover any Service Requests related to any other Software under the scope of this Agreement.

This list may change over the time we work together

Software provided within your subscription, unless stated otherwise.
Microsoft Software – Microsoft Office Suite
Google Chrome
Adobe Reader and Acrobat

Disallowed Software List:

This list shows all of the software that will be actively searched for and removed from any of the Computers or Devices covered by this Agreement.

We take our role as your IT department seriously. As such, we reserve the right to remove any application, script, or file that we or our tools perceive as a risk.

This list may change over the time we work together

No P2P or file-sharing software (Limewire, Bittorrent, etc…)
System tune-up and driver update utilities (Slimware, Iolo, Ashampoo, etc…)
Third-party anti-virus or security products (AVG, MalwareBytes, etc…)
Remote access software (TeamViewer, GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, etc…